Your bedroom is your sanctuary, it’s where you find peace and look forward to a great night’s sleep. No bedroom is complete without quality home bedding like comfortable duvets and sheets or beautiful quilts or throws with matching curtains to tie the whole look together. It’s the finer details and choices in quality that help create the perfect bedroom sanctuary. 

EDURA Linen is in a league of its own and is known widely for its unrivalled prices of home bedding. 

Our range of bedding 

We have all that you will need with our assorted bedding sets that include high-quality quilt sets, duvet cover sets, sheeting, and comforter sets available. Our bedding comes in a variety of styles, colours and patterns to suit your specific sense of style. 

What bedding is best for sleep?

The best bedding for sleep includes fresh fitted sheets, a buttery soft duvet, and a cosy quilt for added warmth. Use decorative throws and blankets to tie everything in your bedding set together so that it is also pleasing to the eye. 

What is the best quality bedding brand? 

EDURA Linen has been in the bedding industry for over 60 years. We are South Africa’s favourite discount megastore and are known for offering only the very finest in bedding and accessories at prices that you can afford. 

Where can I buy quality bedding online? 

We offer the biggest variety of bedding sets, curtains, rugs, bathroom sets, upholstery fabric, dress fabric and more. Our online offering is expanding constantly and we look forward to you shopping the best deals with us either in person or online. 

How our ranges in bedding can change your bedroom

EDURA allows you the ability to completely transform your bedroom at an easily affordable price because our prices will rival any online bedding sale. With our large offering of bedding, curtains, rugs, throws and the best bedroom decor, you can decorate your bedroom just the way you want to.  

Buying bedding online with us is so easy. Browse our bedroom collection and other products with ease, taking note of the various bedding sizes, colours, and fabrics. When you are finished shopping and have added all selected items to your cart, simply click the cart on the top right of the website and checkout. All your chosen items will be delivered straight to your door, what a pleasure! 

Join thousands of South Africans who have celebrated and shopped at EDURA Linen for over 60 years. Our customers know that when they shop with us, they are getting their money’s worth on high-quality bedroom necessities that last.

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