Door Mats

At EDURA, we understand that a doormat is much more than a simple tool for keeping your home clean—it’s a warm welcome for your guests and a stylish addition to your home. Our range of doormats has been sourced to provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring they are suitable for any type of home at an affordable price.

Doormats keep your floors clean by catching dirt, moisture, and debris at the front door before it is walked into the rest of your home. But outdoor mats do more than just keep dirt out. Front doormats ensure your entrance looks and feels great, which sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Our Wide Selection of Doormats

Door mats from EDURA are available in a variety of styles and materials to meet the needs of any home or business. No matter what you are looking for digital printed doormats with a rubber foam backing, printed vinyl loop doormats with PVC backing or sturdy artificial coconut doormats EDURA has a range of affordable and trendy choices for your front door.

Whether it’s the rainy season bringing mud and moisture or the dry months gathering dust, our mats handle it all with ease. With a doormat from EDURA at your doorstep, you're equipped to keep the outdoors from coming indoors, preserving the cleanliness and comfort of your living space year-round.

Digital Printed Doormats

Our digital printed doormats are designed to make a bold statement right at your doorstep. With a durable foam backing, these mats are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The high-quality digital printing makes sure that the designs are clear and stand out, making them perfect for people who appreciate both beauty and function.

The rubber foam backing has many advantages, such as

  • It improves the floor grip, which means these mats stick better to smooth surfaces and you and your guests are less likely to slip, making them a safer choice for your home./p>

  • Rubber is flexible, so these mats don't crack easily at the edges, which helps them last longer.

  • They are also waterproof and resistant to UV rays, so they can handle being outdoors without getting damaged.

  • Cleaning your doormats is easy—just shake them off or hose them down.

  • Plus, they're great at collecting dirt and moisture from shoes, keeping your home cleaner.

Printed Vinyl Loop Doormats

These mats are specifically designed for durability, making them suitable for high-traffic areas. With PVC backing, they are stable and effective at trapping dirt and moisture, which makes them a great choice for busy homes.

There are many advantages of a PVC backing, such as

  • PVC-backed mats are strong and water-resistant, which helps protect your floors from moisture and spills.

  • They offer better durability and long-term value.

  • PVC mats are a good, flexible choice for many homes.

Artificial Coconut Doormats

At EDURA, our carefully sourced artificial coconut doormats are a useful and long-lasting alternative. Made from synthetic materials like polypropylene and nylon, they can withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather, are easy to clean by hosing down or wiping clean, and resist mold and bacteria, making them ideal for damp environments. These mats hold a consistent appearance over time, and are suitable for those with allergies.

The Advantages of Choosing EDURA Doormats

  • Safety Features: Our mats are designed to protect you from slips and falls by providing a stable, non-slip surface, which can be especially helpful in wet weather conditions.

  • Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials, our doormats are durable and strong enough to endure both heavy use and the harsh South African weather.

  • Easy Maintenance: Our doormats are made to be simple to clean, so they can keep looking good without a lot of effort.

  • Comfort: They offer a soft texture beneath your feet, adding comfort to your doorstep.

EDURA doormats for sale are not only stylish and practical, they are also sourced and designed to be easy to use. They fit well in any home, making your front door look better without any hassle. These mats are simple to keep clean: just shake them out, rinse them off, or give them a quick wash. This makes it easy to keep your entrance welcoming and clean with minimal effort. Adding an EDURA doormat to your home is a simple way to make everyday cleaning easier and your home more inviting.

Put Your Stamp On It

EDURA's selection of front doormats is perfect to keep your home clean but also to add a striking appeal. Whether you are looking for a personalised doormat that reflects your unique style or a custom doormat with a professional look, our range guarantees that design and functionality are seamlessly combined.

Welcome Mats and Custom Options

Our welcome mats are made to make everyone who comes to your door feel welcome. Available in various designs and messages, these mats combine functional benefits with style. For those looking for a tailor-made solution, our custom doormats provide the opportunity to pick everything from the design to the materials used, bringing your vision to life.

A Warm Welcome Home

Buying a doormat from EDURA is easy and hassle-free. Our wide online selection of doormats for sale offers quality at affordable prices, so you can buy them anytime from the comfort of your own home. By choosing from our range, you can add to the cleanliness, safety, and style of your home.

Our doormats are sourced from our trusted suppliers, who have manufactured these mats with the South African climate in mind, ensuring they perform well regardless of the weather. With designs that range from simple and functional to eye-catching and ornate, our EDURA doormats make it easy to keep your home clean and welcoming.

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