Learn about the different fabrics used for bedding

Knowing what type of fabric to choose when purchasing bedding is extremely important in achieving the overall look and feel you are after. We have put together an explanation on the different types of fabric you may come across.

Fabric guide


Microfibre fabric is made out of thin, fine synthetic fibres that are tightly woven together, often made up of a polyester-nylon blend. 

EDURA example of microfibre fabric

  • Microfibre traps heat more easily as it is less breathable than cotton hence it is great for people who prefer a warmer sleep experience. 
  • Microfibre fabric is hypoallergenic, meaning it is good for people with sensitive skin as allergens aren’t trapped in the fibres. 
  • It is both affordable and durable.
  • Microfibre tends to have a smooth, slippery feel. 


Polycotton fabric Is a combination of natural and synthetic fibres, usually a blend of polyester and cotton. The cotton gives the product its softness while the polyester adds texture.

EDURA example of polycotton fabric

  • Polycotton is not only cheaper than cotton but it is also more durable and tends to wash better. 
  • Polycotton fabric is best for heavy usage as it can be washed more often hence it is a great option for hotels and guest houses.                                         


Percale fabric is woven in a criss cross weave. If you ever saw bedding that uses the word thread count on the packaging, then that would be percale fabric. Thread count refers to how tight the threads are woven hence it will affect the feel of the product. Thread counts start from 180 thread count going upwards.180- 400 thread count is optimal. It is important to note that higher thread counts of 500 upwards tend to be much stiffer and heavier resulting in a denser, thicker sheet.

EDURA example of percale fabric

  • Percale fabric is very durable hence it is great for guest houses and hotels.
  • Crisp and cool feeling.
  • Feel improves with wash.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Perfect for all year round.

100% Cotton

Cotton is a pure natural fibre.

EDURA example of 100% cotton fabric

  • It is soft and gentle on the skin and extremely comfortable.
  • May shrink if washed in hot temperatures.
  • Hypoallergenic hence it is great for people who have sensitive skin.
  • More expensive than other fabrics.
  • Naturally absorbent, it has the ability to control moisture hence it is great for warmer weather as it also regulates body temperature while you sleep.
  • It isn’t wrinkle resistant. 
  • Due to it being a thinner fabric, it is not as durable as polycotton and percale.

Regardless of the type of fabric you are looking for, EDURA has you covered with extensive ranges of bedding in all fabric types.

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